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Humanities The scientific professions are abuzz with exciting new developments in the harnessing of a new system that will extract Hot Flash thermal energy of menopausal adult females. Laboratory testing has indicated how adult females will soon be fitted with a device currently referred to as a COEGR (Cyclical Organic Electricity Grid Refueler) which may draw out the thermal energy during a Hot Flash and storehouse it for use on battery apparatus, or be sent as electrical thermal energy into the power system and sold back to the major power .panies. The human thermal energy system has the potential to be known as one of the great Green Feats ever. Men and women of science are urgently studying the theory of converting thermal energy created from the natural percolation of adult females in menopause into a very real sustainable energy source. Is it any wonder that it would be the women who eventually save our little planet Earth? If they’re going to take it over one day anyways, they may as well save it first. Our studies of population trends provide evidence that there is no better time for a thermal energy initiative such as this one. The existing aggregate of Hot Flash percolating power should be refined to satisfy our thermal energy addiction. Female thermal energy could well turn into the Green Feat development that saves us all. The harnessing of this green thermal energy system could tip the scale of power on a global basis, on a level that we have never seen before. Not only will women have all the power they will also BE the power, as well as solidify their positions as caregivers of the planet – Womankind. The increase in the respect of women in their 40’s to mother earth, will grow to a staggering degree and they will naturally take charge of society once and for all. The day will arrive in the not too distant future, electronic’s-addicted men and kids will cherish the presence of the menopausal woman for the charge of their "green" thermal energy. The "glow" of a woman’s hot flash in menopause will adapt from the panic it infuses in the population at large nowadays, to one of reverence as we .e to know and understand, the fact that she is not only the giver of Life to all, she is also the generator of Power for our darling family and to his precious "Crackberry". Imagine a day when you can just plug your cellphone into a COEGR thermal energy wearing Grandma and charge the battery! Women in menopause will without a doubt be.e a HOT .modity,(except I think they already are now…) Energy seeking mortals will seek them at the mall, as they assume their rightful place in society as the all-important providers of life AND thermal power to a hungry pla.! Shopping Malls could power the lights for their store by the thermal energy of their female buyers! Ladies, can you say BARTER? What a bartering proposition, "You supply me light, I supply you a discount!". About the Author: 相关的主题文章: