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Quit-Smoking Many people are now choosing to switch from smoking regular tobacco cigarettes to their electronic equivalent. Those who decide to make the switch can enjoy reduced costs, as well as taking advantage of the many health benefits. Before buying an e-cigarette it’s advisable to study some comprehensive smokeless cigarettes reviews. Listed below are some of the more important factors to consider when you’re deciding which model to purchase. Battery Quantity and Life Kits which are supplied with only one battery can be rather limiting – especially if you smoke a lot, since it may well run out at an inopportune moment. Most kits these days will come with two lithium-ion batteries, so you always have one ready to swap out. Often kits will come with a regular battery and a longer, extra-capacity one which will last longer (roughly 500 puffs as opposed to 300 puffs for the shorter one). Vapor Production It’s important that the unit produces a large amount of dense vapor for you to a similar sensation to smoking a real cigarette. Units which only produce a small amount of thin steam will not be very enjoyable to use. The atomizer and cartridge (sometimes combined into one part called a ‘cartomizer’) need to be of good enough quality to produce an amount of vapor similar to the smoke from a real cigarette. Smokers hope and expect that their new electronic cigarette will be as close an approximation to a real cig, without the drawbacks. How Long Each Cartridge Lasts How many puffs a cartridge lasts for is as important as the flavors available. For good cost savings, you should look for ones which last for roughly the same time as 20 regular cigarettes. Your cost savings will not be so high if they run out much sooner than this. The Style, Flavor and Strength of the Cartridges Electronic cigarettes come in two basic styles – those which have the cartridge and atomizer in one unit (known as a ‘cartomizer’), and those having them as separate components. They both have their advantages. If you choose a model with a separate cartridge, this opens up the possibility of do-it-yourself refills; though you may risk damaging the unit by doing this. On the other hand, models which use cartomizers are less prone to failure, since you are replacing the atomizer with a new one every time you change the cartridge. There are masses of different cartridge flavors on the market, apart from tobacco you will find menthol, cherry, orange, apple, cinnamon, and a whole host of others. Since you’ll be purchasing carts made for your particular model, you should check before you buy to make sure they have the flavors you like. You should also consider the range of nicotine strengths on offer. Heavy smokers who have recently switched to e-cigarettes may want to start with high strength carts and then slowly reduce their nicotine intake by switching by degrees to lower strength ones. If you plan on quitting nicotine altogether, then make sure you have the option of buying carts with 0mg of nicotine. The Charging Options Having more than one way to charge the e-cigarette’s batteries can be very handy. A normal wall charger may suit you fine, or you may prefer the option of charging the device from a computer, in which case choose a USB charger. Another charging option sometimes available is the portable charging kit, which consists of a high-capacity battery contained in a case which you charge from the mains; you can then use this as a power source to charge the cigarette’s batteries when there is no external power available. The Accessories For first time buyers, it may be a good idea to go for a fairly basic kit so you can ‘test the waters’ before spending too much money. Choosing a vendor which offers a range of accessories you can purchase separately will allow you to add only the things you need, when you need them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: