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This amazing drone, can really make you fly. – Sohu Technology www.imust.cn


This amazing drone, can really make you fly. The self – Sohu technology and a new artifact of a few days ago, the second to personally experience the Xinjiang Osmo mobile phone platform.. The head also has a strong anti Osmo function. Put a contrast map, because every time to see, two are reluctant to believe that this is their own personally shot. (normal running shooting (Osmo) handheld mobile phone camera effect) but just a few days ago, Xinjiang has released a small UAV Mavic make more exciting, Chinese called "royal".. It should be said that this is the smallest folding type aerial now Xinjiang released drones.. And the second thought function and design of the UAV will be on the market a variety of self subversion of uav. Not much to say, we still have to look at this is exactly how a uav!!! First of all, the "Royal" uses a unique deformation design, the wing and the arm after special folding treatment.. After the expansion of the size of the ordinary UAV almost.. And completely folded up, probably only a bottle of mineral water size, easy to carry.. (see the second before some aerial Xinjiang UAV, a packaging box with our luggage almost) of course, if poor friends thought the volume is reduced, it means to lose a lot of functions, it is too naive. "Royal" brings together the core technology of DJI, built in 24 high performance computing kernel, 4K high performance aerial camera and three axis mechanical integration platform. But with a DJI binocular stereo vision technology, the obstacles can be in within 15 meters before the automatic brake hover or bypass.. Well, there’s no need to worry about the crash.. Once the Royal close to the building or other blocking GPS signal environment, leading to positioning, it will automatically hover in the air. In fact, the second is the intelligent heart to follow function, like the Osmo mobile phone platform, we can advance the selected object in the mobile phone.. No matter how we exercise, "Royal" can always follow us, so that we have been in the center of the picture.. There are many different follow patterns. Open the standard mode, the Royal will be in front of us or behind the shooting.. In parallel mode, "Royal" will follow our parallel flight, from the side of the image.. In lock mode, the "Royal" will hover in the air, and then follow the shooting object.. In addition to the intelligence to follow, the Royal also like the self heterodyne friends who have joined a lot of features.. He can intelligently identify the movement of our body, by simply raising the arm, waving and other pre-set action, you can easily achieve with the beat or self.. In the process of automatic follow up, the visual positioning system can measure the distance of the ground and keep the relative height of the ground automatically. Height range from 0.3 m to 10.相关的主题文章: