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Three pumpkin eat better than tonic [Abstract] pumpkin is very common in our daily life, is one of the vegetables in summer season. But you know what? There are three ways to eat pumpkin can be better than tonic oh. Pumpkin Buzhongyiqi, spleen warm stomach, detoxification and relieving pain, for jiubingtixu, spleen deficiency caused by fatigue, poor appetite, eat less bloating, stomach oliguria edema disease. Eat pumpkin Jianpiyiqi eight cooked stew pork 500 grams, 500 grams of diced pumpkin, 200 grams of peeled chestnuts to simmer cooked. For the spleen and stomach, the gas shortage caused by body virtual fatigue and general weakness caused by chemotherapy. Spleen dampness born 100 grams of barley, mung bean 100 grams of half a day before the bubble, then cook until cooked porridge, pumpkin 200 grams chopped jujube, a little added, simmer cooked. For because of the spleen deficiency caused by water in the wet, phlegm, don’t stop eating less fullness, oliguria and edema. Fill the empty stomach side about 500 grams of a mature pumpkin wash, do complete cut off the top cover, rang from the upper digging net with a spoon. Born in two and a duck’s egg, meat, rice, salt, MSG and other spices mixed into the pumpkin to 2/3, pour in the water, steaming, cover the pumpkin can cover plate, the pumpkin and Steamed Rice can be eaten. For jiubingtixu or tumor caused by loss of appetite, fatigue, pale complexion and other symptoms. Pumpkin effect and effect 1, the protection of gastric mucosa pumpkin contains pectin, can protect the gastric mucosa, promote ulcer healing, for patients with stomach disease is very applicable. Pumpkin contains ingredients can promote bile secretion, strengthen gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion. 2, detoxification pumpkin contains vitamins and pectin, can be very good adsorption and adhesion to eliminate bacteria and toxins in the body, can play the role of detoxification. 3, go to cancer pumpkin is rich in carotene, can protect eyes, protect the heart, at the same time have anti-cancer effect. The closer the pumpkin skin is, the richer the nutrition. Therefore, the less Pumpkin Peel the better. 4, hypoglycemic pumpkin rich in cobalt, cobalt can active human The new supersedes the old., promote hematopoietic function, and participate in the synthesis of vitamin B12 in the body, is an essential trace element for human islet cells, on the prevention and treatment of diabetes, reduce blood sugar with special effect. 5, promote the development of pumpkin is rich in zinc, to participate in the synthesis of nucleic acid protein, is an inherent component of the adrenal cortex hormone, human growth and development of important substances. 6, prevention of pregnancy edema due to pumpkin with rich nutrition, so there is a good help for pregnant women, pregnant women often eat pumpkin, not only can promote fetal brain cell development, prevention of pregnancy edema can occur during pregnancy, hypertension symptoms, and prevention of postpartum hemorrhage. Rich carrot 7 beauty pumpkin contains astaxanthin and vitamin C, can help our skin becomes smooth and delicate, is good for beauty, so for those MM beauty, it is a beauty jiapin. [micro interview] breast care month: how to stay away from breast disease? [] autumn fruit weight loss diet and health of these [health] health "best solar term will eat 7 kinds of food [therapeutic health] stick autumn fat red Wine to remember collocation broadcast Tencent micro-blog welcome attention to Dashen network health channel WeChat (micro signal: sh-j相关的主题文章: