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Transfer? FBI: a mail forged or designed to discredit Hilary Sohu according to the Reuters News reported on November 3rd, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) and other U.S. intelligence agencies are screening some fake messages, these messages designed to discredit the Hilary campaign. According to informed sources, the screening activities are part of the Russian intervention in the U.S. presidential election campaign activities. According to informed sources, the U.S. Homeland Security Committee, Democratic Senator Tom (Tom Carper)? CAPA has submitted a letter to the FBI, and pointed out that the letter in his name and letters are forged, there is opportunity to deliberately deceptive. A read this letter to the Reuters said in this letter has proven to be a forgery in the letter, "Tom CAPA?" to "Hilary" wrote: "we will not let you lose the election". According to the sources, this letter is just a few weeks of a document to the FBI and the U.S. Department of justice submitted in. Tom CAPA? Spokesman declined to comment. The FBI has asked the Democratic Party to provide a copy of other documents that are suspected of forgery for further investigation. FBI spokesman confirmed that indeed received the "forged letters report", but declined to comment further. U.S. intelligence officials privately warned that they believe that the Russian government is secretly supporting a secret activity, which aims to undermine the status of the U.S. presidential election in people’s minds. In the case of the November 8th Election Day approaching, these underground personnel may also release vote fraud and other false information. The Russian government denied this. According to insiders revealed that in addition to Tom CAPA? Documentation, FBI also examined the electronic documents a total of 7 pages, printed above democratic poll Joel? Bonasound company (Joel Benenson), and mark Bonathan strategy group of the Clinton foundation, the paper has been the Hilary campaign statement was forged. In this document, write the person due to the recent Hilary support rate, radical proposal to change strategies at the beginning of November, consider planning "to guide the public rebellion" and "radioactive attack" with dirty bombs to disrupt the voting process. With Tom CAPA? Submitted letters, temporarily unable to determine who is the document forgery, can not determine how the document is broadcast.相关的主题文章: