Trump likes to eat fast food, but that won’t win the heart of the restaurant-nvidia geforce gt 740m


Trump love but also win the heart to eat fast food catering industry recently, the Republican candidate Trump boldly admits his love to eat fast food, wheat fish, giant, 32 foot Fort beef burger and Kentucky Fried Chicken, are deep in his heart.   "it’s a good thing." Trump admits, "I think the food is very good, so eat very carefully (? ‘)" unfortunately, Trump of fast food love is unrequited love so far, the fast food industry is not for the real estate tycoon dig a lot of money, although the history of the company more pro business republicans. This is in sharp contrast to the scene 4 years ago. Republican candidate Mitt Romney (Mitt Romney) is basically a candidate for the food and beverage industry. The food and beverage industry donated a large sum of money to the former Massachusetts governor, giving him and his affiliated Political Activities Committee $2 million 500 thousand, more than two times as much as Obama. Some of the fast food business executives privately help him raise money. In 2012, the founder of John bar John pizza Schneider, Romney held a fund raising activities for participants in his Kentucky mansion, the admission fee is $1 thousand. Jimmy John, the founder of the sandwich chain corporation, a prominent Republican, Mr John and Mr Lee, also raised money for Mr Romney, who is also the founder of the, the. But the election of Feng Shui turn turn, the food and beverage industry a reverse state, to support the Democratic party. This year, the food and beverage industry is even more generous with Trump’s rival, Mr Hilary, and Mr. The former U.S. Secretary of state in the election cycle quickly from the catering company to raise $1 million, but according to the response of "political" Research Center statistics, Trump will only pull down market to $152 thousand. The biggest rival Hilary faced during the campaign in the Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Saunders, has won the favor than trump, the catering industry 200 thousand support (including food and beverage shop small donation, 00 pieces of accumulated considerable amounts). A slight embarrassment is that the food and beverage industry also gave him the face of his fund-raising. CEO Andy CKE (Andy) in May and his wife in the name of the individual gave $75 thousand in dollars in. He is not worried about what will happen to Trump’s loyalty. In addition to put forward suggestions on economic policy, he also through Twitter messages, personal blogs and television broadcast propaganda, for the candidate in June, he told Trump to tighten the pockets of the wealthy Republican donations people will gradually in the situation: "I believe that the donor will wake up, Hilary Clinton had a substantial threat to us economy." In addition to Pstead, most of the executives choose to watch. McDonald’s, Burger King, Huffington post found Wendy’s, Jimmy John, Domino’s pizza and sandwiches Yum including KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell CEO who has no contributions to Trump. There is an exception, John’s stick in August, Schneider donated $1 thousand to the "meaning" donation, let a person at a loss what to do in the year of. As of the end of June 2016, the former president Yong相关的主题文章: