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Stocks-Mutual-Funds The argument in the year 1983 between famous speculator Richard Dennis with his buddy Bill Eckhardt about great traders are born or trained resulted in training of 13 beginners in trade .They were funded and by continuous training for four years they mastered the rules, who were christened later as turtles. They showed a performance of earning a collective .pound rate of return of over 80% and the Turtles trading system made a beginning. The Turtles used ‘Volatility normalization’ – a fancy way of saying that the more volatile an instrument, the smaller the trade, meaning that every instrument would (hopefully) carry the same dollar risk.This is where the much-talked-about ‘N’ .es from.’N’ is the 20-day exponential moving average of the ATR (true range). Turtles had ‘notional’ sized accounts – although an account might notionally start the year at $1,000,000, in the case of a loss of 10%, the size of this account would be reduced by 20%. In other words the trader would have to trade as if he only had $800K, not $900, until such time as the account had got back to the starting figure. Turtles entered trades based on two different systems,one being a 20 day breakout system, and one a 55 day breakout system. To use the first system, if the market traded during the day or opened thru the 20 day high or low, that would be a signal to enter.One Unit would be bought/sold to initiate the position.If the previous signal would have resulted in a successful trade, this signal would be ignored, in an attempt to avoid ‘whipsawing’. As soon as a position was attained, Turtles trading system would add an Unit every 1/2’N’ advance, until the maximum units allowed were reached (4 in a single instrument, 6 in markets that were ‘closely correlated’, like Oil and Crude, 10 in ‘loosely related’ markets, 12 general units in a single direction). The main aim was consistency. Even if most of the trades collapsed, it was necessary to be in on all of them, so that at least the few major profit earners could be gained from. Though it requires iron willpower to follow the rules, and not mere try and bend the mechanics of the strategy, the Turtle trading system undoubtedly works. Most people are mentally not equipped to deal with constant losses, though they are handsomely offset by the occasional huge winner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: