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Two full of energy – Sohu maternal Kids Halloween breakfast after a few days of Halloween, today I have finished last night, counting his bag down sugar gradually less sugar, sentimentally attached to say: "Mom, the year I most hope is the birthday and halloween!" In my heart silently response: one year I was the most tired of these two sections! Oh no! Just to remind friends, this year there is a large — Christmas! Ha ha, when the mother is not easy, in order to children in their childhood can be happy every memorable and memorable holiday, but also fight! In the morning on the 29 day, we have several mother in the district organized Halloween activities, places are set decoration mothers bring their own community, the mother found the total decoration a galaxy of talents, the shortcomings of what, so mom made Jack-O-Lantern site designers and ghost paintings, but the highlight is a halloween themed clothing to attend the party’s children who walk the show to carry Jack-O-Lantern bags every family to knock on the door and shouted: "trick or treat" link! The children are very happy, tired to play with the candy bag into the dream, mothers are tired and happy! Every time a happy holiday comes, the children always open their eyes in the morning can remember, and then cheer up, then in order to meet this full of enthusiasm, from breakfast into the role of it! 2016.11.01 breakfast: pumpkin rice steamed cod + + + Boiled Broccoli dundan. Seemingly complex breakfast, ready to work is also super simple production steps: 1, the first night of pumpkin cut xiaoding. 2, add the rice and suitable water, oil, salt Steamed Rice an appointment. 3, the morning wash broccoli put salt and oil boiling water for two minutes to remove, the other to take a pot stewed egg, steamed fish with a steaming lattice on the line. Do Steamed Rice mix, wearing disposable gloves squeezed into a small two rice and vegetable roll. 4, halogen Dried tofu pressed into the circular bag, Shanghai moss. 5, take a piece of seaweed wrapped in sharp and Dried tofu with rice and vegetable roll, into a hat 6, cut a piece of Cheese around the top hat, put in the rice and vegetable roll, with seaweed cut the eyes and the mouth, a handsome pumpkin to mr.! 2016.10.31 breakfast: Halloween cartoon toast + crab mushroom scrambled eggs + milk cereal. Pay more attention to the Sohu from the media APP on my dynamic (the same name: lotus meditation) as well as my public number: Meditation children nutrition.相关的主题文章: