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Two trust account four suspected masked sense response does not exist We want you letter phi obligations! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: two four trust accounts of suspected "masked Jupai" response to the absence of the obligations of the letter Phi Securities Times reporter Yang Zhuoqing Shanghai repeated inquiries, pull a lot of stories of trust and its listed companies, under the account. The day before, the torch electronic (78, 0, 0%) received the Shanghai Stock Exchange Regulatory inquiry letter, questioned some of its shareholders suspected to constitute concerted action, holding more than 5% without placards. The Shanghai Stock Exchange has been questioned the shareholders are 4 products from two trust companies, including CNOOC trust’s Pujiang star No. 50 capital trust, Pujiang star No. 165 capital trust and Pujiang star No. 177 trust funds set, and one is from Fortune trust wivis No. 1 set of securities investment trust funds. In accordance with the relevant rules, the two trusts is no misconduct, and fortune trust to trust in the sea on the Shanghai Stock Exchange is also very hard to reply". Insiders told the Securities Times reporter said that if the 4 accounts constitute concerted action, the trust company has no obligation to disclose the information, but the actual placards must fulfill disclosure obligations. The exchange issued a letter of inquiry "investigative", the real situation is affecting the people behind these 4 products. The suspected "masked" gathered information from the public point of view, Pujiang Zhonghai trust star series of 3 products are the main securities investment trust products collection. Electronic torch semi annual report, Cai Mingtong, Cai Jinjun and his son were holding the torch 44.44%, 6.55% electronic shares, the actual control of the electronic torch; Zhonghai trust · Pujiang star No. 177 is the fourth largest shareholder, holding 2.91%; Zhonghai trust · Pujiang star No. 165 for the ninth largest shareholder, holding 1.16%. The rest of the people suspected of acting in concert, the shareholders did not appear in the semi annual report. Through data analysis, found that the 4 exchange supervision, shareholders account respectively in August 26, 2015 ~11 month 15 days, January 11, 2016 ~1 month 13 days, March 14, 2016 ~8 month 31 days for three time periods, the total number of shares accounted for the proportion of the total share capital of electronic torch more than 5%. As of October 19, 2016, the total shareholding of the above shareholders account for the proportion of the total share capital of the torch electronics also more than 5%. Accordingly, the Shanghai stock exchange requires listed companies to verify the relevant shareholders, whether constitute a concerted action, and timely disclosure obligations. Two trust response Zhonghai trust responded that the Pujiang star No. 177, No. 165 Pujiang star and the Pujiang star No. 50 three trust plans as an investment adviser, by the same company as of October 24, 2016, the cumulative Holding Torch electron 8 million 278 thousand and 368 shares, the total shares of相关的主题文章: