Volume and price Shenghu to return to 2800 points-ratatouille


Volume and price Shenghu refers back to 2800 Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client: speed Kanpan the most profitable investors continue to pick up in the reporter Huang Lu, editor Sun Zhong A shares yesterday and the Asia Pacific market. The market opened higher, the weight of theme "cyclones sing" huzongzhi, help re to 2800 points, up 3.29%, two city turnover significantly enlarged. At the same time, China, Hongkong, Japan, South Korea market continues to rise. Analysts interviewed by the mainstream securities analysts believe that in the surrounding stock market warming environment, A share market sentiment warmer, contributed to the rebound after the festival. In the absence of a significant change in the economic fundamentals, we should pay attention to the progress of the supply side reform. In overnight warm ups in Europe and the United States stock market, A shares opened slightly higher yesterday, brokerage stocks joined the rebound force. New loans subsequently released January RMB more than expected, stimulating A stocks continue to rise, the Shanghai Composite Index successfully on 2800 points, virtual reality, private hospitals and other hot topics. Afternoon, the index remained high and volatile, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2836.57 points, the average 20 days to recover; Shenzhen stock index reported 10045.37 points, or 3.89%. The Asia Pacific market continued to pick up, the Hang Seng Index closed up 1.08%; the Nikkei 225 index closed up 0.2%; Korea Seoul composite index closed up 1.4%. On the disk, yesterday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities a total of 181 stocks trading, only 14 stocks fell, the most popular is still subject stocks. Private hospitals, food safety, virtual reality, domestic software and other topics of strong performance stocks, leading gem index rose 4.02% to close at 2201.93 points. Among them, 15 evening announced the joint development of VR’s flying animation and Kawashio Zhisheng both limit. In addition, brokerage stocks also benefited from strong market rebound, Dongxing securities closed limit. Yesterday, the two cities turnover significantly enlarged, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities total turnover of 500 billion 400 million yuan, compared with the previous trading day increased by 52%. Shen Yuan Yuan, chief analyst at the Research Institute Gui Haoming believes that from yesterday’s high opening, volume and price rise trend can be seen, after Monday’s relatively strong market, investors bounce back intention to further enhance, to promote the recovery of the amount of energy. There are two main reasons for the rebound in the post market market: one is the rebound of the external market and the change of investor sentiment; two, the decline of A shares before the holiday has been larger, and the overall position of the market is not heavy. Compared to overseas markets, A shares fell early, panic has been released. GF Securities chief strategist Chen Jie believes that before the feedback, the main participant level positions on the market sell-off has not decreased significantly. In the middle and late period of January, private equity funds, guaranteed capital funds, annuities and other products which have absolute profits were generally reduced or even cleared, and the current positions were lower. The public offering fund for assessing relative earnings has also been substantially reduced after the Shanghai Composite Index has fallen below the critical support point of 2850. With the dollar index callback and the RMB Offshore exchange rate stabilized to rise, before the market worried about the RMB exchange rate volatility eased somewhat

量价齐升 沪指重返2800点 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   ⊙记者 黄璐 ○编辑 孙忠   昨日A股及亚太市场继续回暖。大盘高开高走,权重题材“万马齐鸣”,助力沪综指重新迈上2800点,大涨3.29%,两市成交额明显放大。与此同时,中国香港、日本、韩国市场也延续涨势。   受访的主流券商分析人士认为,在外围股市转暖的大环境下,A股市场情绪回暖,促成了节后的反弹。在经济基本面没有明显转变的情况下,仍需关注供给侧改革的进展。   在隔夜欧美股市继续回升的暖风中,昨日A股小幅高开,券商股加入反弹大军。随后公布的1月人民币新增贷款远超预期,刺激A股继续走高,沪综指顺利站上2800点,虚拟现实、民营医院等题材大热。午后,股指保持高位震荡,上证综指收盘报2836.57点,收复20日均线;深证成指报10045.37点,涨幅3.89%。   亚太市场亦继续回暖,恒生指数收涨1.08%;日经225指数收涨0.2%;韩国首尔综指收涨1.4%。   盘面上看,昨日沪深两市共181只个股涨停,仅14只个股下跌,最火爆的依然属题材股。民营医院、食品安全、虚拟现实、国产软件等题材股表现强势,引领创业板指大涨4.02%,报收2201.93点。其中,15日晚间宣布联手发展VR的奥飞动漫与川大智胜双双涨停。此外,券商股亦受益市场反弹表现强势,东兴证券收盘涨停。   昨日两市成交额明显放大,沪深两市合计成交5004亿元,较前一个交易日增加52%。   申万宏源研究所首席分析师桂浩明认为,从昨日高开高走、量价齐升的走势可以看出,经过周一较为强势的行情之后,投资者抢反弹意图进一步增强,推动了量能的回升。推动节后市场反弹的主要有两个原因:一是外围市场反弹使投资者情绪发生变化;二是节前A股下跌幅度已较大,市场整体仓位不重。   相比海外市场而言,A股经过了前期下跌,恐慌情绪已得到释放。广发证券首席策略分析师陈杰认为,节前得到的反馈显示,市场上的主要参与者仓位水平明显下降,抛压已不大。在1月下跌的中后期,考核绝对收益的私募基金、保本基金、年金等产品,普遍进行了减仓甚至清仓,目前的仓位水平较低。而考核相对收益的公募基金也在沪综指跌破2850点的关键支撑位以后进行了较大幅的减仓。   随着美元指数回调和人民币离岸汇率企稳回升,之前市场担心的人民币汇率波动问题有所缓解。但国泰君安乔永远策略团队认为,无风险利率超预期下降仍将继续,仍需等待风险偏好的上升。   “A股昨日顺势上行,反映了对前期超跌的纠正。但市场基本面与节前相比并未发生大的变化,变化的主要是市场行为。”桂浩明认为。   为贯彻落实加强供给侧结构性改革的精神,央行等八部委日前联合印发《关于金融支持工业稳增长调结构增效益的若干意见》,提出了一系列支持工业转型升级、降本增效的具体金融政策措施。   市场普遍认为,中国经济面临新旧动力转型之际,供给侧改革的推进有望为A股带来结构性投资机会,相关进展值得密切关注。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: