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Games With one popular video game already released and another one on the way, many people are looking for a good Walking Dead review or tips they can use in the game. One of the easiest ways to find this information is to navigate through a Walking Dead forum or wiki. Forums are helpful because they contain information that the players have found while enjoying the game, whereas a wiki simply contains information or walkthroughs of particular areas in the game. There are many different Walking Dead wiki websites that can be found online. Because there are two games now, it is important to know the difference between the two games in order to select the proper wiki. The 2012 Walking Dead game is very different from the up.ing 2013 release. In this game, players make choices as the character Lee. This game occurs at the same time as the plot of the .ic book series, so players will often see references and places they know from the book. The game is highly focused on the choices the players as they point and click their way through each episode. The TellTale game is highly popular because it can stand alone as a game, whereas the 2013 game is more focused on fans. The 2013 Walking Dead game, Survival Instinct, is more of a first-person shooter style of gaming, rather than a point and click story. This version is also a prequel to the television series, following the story of Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon before they meet Rick in Atlanta. Players can choose to fight or be stealthy as they work their way through hordes of Walkers. This game will be released in March, and there will be more information available to players at that time. Each Walking Dead Wiki will explain in-depth the plot and characters, providing players with the additional information they may need to work through the game. Usually these wikis will include tips for new players in each section or point people to where they can find a more in-depth walkthrough of the game. With each game quickly gaining a popular following, many more of these wikis are likely to emerge. This will give players more sources of valuable information. Plus, a wide variety of opinions and tricks will be available on the many online forums that players enjoy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: