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What do you think of the small target Wang Jianlin Ma Huateng Ma has irritating word – Sohu Chinese richest Wang Jianlin interview in a word today, instantly refresh "goal" quotations, fire. The following screenshot, the focus is the following two — "first set a can achieve small goals" and "say I make it one hundred million" Monday, let the good work…. after the ring master said, the first drink slobber gabrielle! I can’t help asking myself, "what is my goal?". As a result, users began to imitate, such as: Wang Sicong’s good base friends Lin update, a small goal is done in little by little. Red net yancan on piece, small goal is to lose weight… Yancan must lose weight, the fat man? Tong Dawei said his goal is small, too, the first thin. Wang Zijian baby said his little goal was to… Users spoof series – as the richest man’s son, net red Wang Sicong quotations even more amazing, really want to make friends with rich silver. [WeChat] is not all about and want to make friends and brainy? About making friends, Wang Sicong said, "look at the female looks, ugly pass rate is relatively low". [] "I don’t care about dating a friend’s family, or to see the people themselves, is not fun, good character, money or not too important. It’s not as good as me." [on] a netizen complaints last year to Wanda cinema, the waiter did not give full popcorn, @ Wang Sicong, President of Wang Sicong van response "after you go to the cinema has made mention of my name, send you free popcorn". [on the tour] "my friends love to go out with me to travel, there are a few points, first, basically do not spend money, charter travel, I have booked a hotel restaurant, do not look at the price; second, I see more, each city which hotel is the most distinctive, what are the most fun, I the taste is certainly the most sophisticated, they save the Raiders do; third, you can go to some places are not rich, but also a way to set up, I have more friends, Russian businessmen, members of Japan’s parliament, sometimes can help. Grade, road, money, three are indispensable, I set the three points, so I travel with both worry and fun." [] "now on learning the students are stupid, there is no independent thinking, you know booing was Jack lied, cheated mentor. Really anxious ah." [about] listed "I do not want listed, I do not want cash, money can slowly select the item you want to vote, the money may not be in a hurry to return on investment, I do not rely on the company to make money to eat." [success] what is success? For me, just do what you want to do." [] about marriage "marriage is something humans invented self deception, I do not believe that the concept of marriage." Compared with Wang Jianlin and his son, Ma also said a similar golden sentence – MA in the twentieth session this year!相关的主题文章: