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Cooking-Tips Restaurants and food serving joints have to use every probable step to promote their business. It is done either through brochures or pamphlets in the newspaper, TV .mercials or through word of mouth advertisements. The social media have helped them in promoting their business online and with the services like take away or home deliveries; they have more options to promote through take away packaging. There is a lot that is done with the takeaway packaging may it be a logo on the package, a printed tissue, an eco-friendly packaging or a simple menu card. No matter whatever what medium is chosen by the businesses, the moment they step out of the doors, they carry out a lot for the business. Let us see in details how these things helps in building a brand and promoting the business. Logos: A logo is a powerful tool to create an impact on the minds of the people. A custom-made packaging with the .pany speaks louder and makes the .pany instantly identifiable anywhere in the crowd. The food industry is very well-known place who follows the practice of printing logos on their containers: you can easily identify dominos, pizza hut, Starbucks or even your local food vendor with the logo These custom made containers and packets, from the moment they step out of the joint, they be.e the mobile advertisements for the restaurants. Printed tissues: Talking about the logos on the takeaway containers or packages, the stamps of the logos on the tissues provides with the orders also promotes the business. Even if the boxes are disposed of, the extra tissues in the bags can remind the customers and the ones who notice the logos about the restaurants. Eco-friendly packing: This may not seem to be the direct promotional tool but can serve the purpose indirectly. The biodegradable containers or the packaging which ensures food safety creates a positive feedback in the minds of the people about the restaurants. Even the food wrapping paper can also be used for promotion. The paper can be custom-made with the basic information about the restaurant or even with a logo can serve the dual purpose. One promoting the business, and second keeping the food fresh and spill proof. Of course, no one would love the sandwiches in soggy state in the boxes or spilling food for the containers. Menu cards along with the orders: Menu cards have many advantages. It helps the customers to know the available food and it is easier for them to revisit the restaurant or order for taking away. It also helps the business in repeating the customers and promoting business to all those who see the menu cards. Many of the restaurant owners use this tool in many ways. They place the menu card with the order or even promote through sending it through newspapers. Whatever way they choose, it is anyways a good branding tool for the business and a good medium to introduce themselves to new customers. These are just a couple of ways through which the food service joints promote their businesses. These definitely go hand in hand with the quality of food they serve and supply and the services they offer. These promotional tools are surprisingly inexpensive and can easily be customized. They actually serve as the best mediums to promote the business. About the Author: Oddy Uniwraps is a brand name of Atul Paper Pvt. Limited, a renowned player in stationery and paper products for the past 20 years.We personally experienced that there was no product for packing food for our loved ones in the Indian market, which ensured that the packed food remained fresh and healthy. This led to the inception of Uniwraps Food Wrapping Paper, which is microwave & oven safe, and ISO 22000:2005 & IS 6615:1972 certified for Food Safety! Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: