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UnCategorized Horses may not be categorised as domestic pets in the strictest sense, since they take up residence in the wide, open spaces, but they have to be showered with love and care, nevertheless. And as their owner, you will have to ensure that these "wild" animals do not go wandering at will by fencing in their pasture or paddock. Of course, fencing for horses cannot promise to be foolproof all the time, there has to be monitoring and surveillance as well. Wooden Fences Now, if you are the traditional kind, you will probably prefer to have a wooden fence consisting of planks or cedar logs held in place with the aid of posts. The sizes and shapes can be adjusted per specifications and they can also be painted. While wooden fencing for horses is ideal if your place is close to the main road, it may not be able to tolerate the extreme changes in weather so well. It can break, peel, crack, and even rot, if the paint or the sealants are not of standard quality. Your horses may also love to chew on wood, and this can also have an impact on how long it is going to last. If nails are left poking out, or the posts are not stable and secure, your pets can be subjected to broken legs, impalements, or lacerations. And what if the halter snags on the fence? This happens if the fence is not of an adequate height and the animal tries to jump over. However, if you still wish to choose a wooden fence, please make a thorough check of every plank and post every three months or so. Prevention of disasters is a wiser choice as .pared to costly repairs! PVC and Other Vinyl Polymers Though these synthetic materials resemble wood, they require no sanding or painting. They do look attractive, but they lack in strength. So your horses will find it easy to knock over the expensive tubing, or even pull it out; and then you will find that the animals have discovered a very easy escape route. Wire Fencing for Horses It is advisable to get this type of fence specifically designed by an expert. Page wire that has eight-inch or ten-inch openings can prove fatal. Specially-made mesh fences have such tiny spaces between the wire that your horses will neither be able to get their feet nor heads through, this means that they cannot get entangled in it. Electric Fences With a range of shapes and designs to choose from, this type of fencing for horses can be used alone, or in .bination with other types. The animals get a slightly un.fortable electric shock if they touch the wires, but the charge is small and harmless. It is ideal for large pastures, but requires municipal permission before it can be erected. You may opt for nylon webbing, solar-powered batteries, electric-powered batteries, polyester braid, and plastic or metal poles. Coating the wires in brightly-coloured line insulators will educate your horses regarding the boundaries, and they will stay away. The Latest on the Market This kind of fencing for horses is known as Flex-fence. Polyethylene rails are utilised here. Coated or uncoated wire passes through each rail. Larger animals will require rails that are supported by three wires, while smaller ones can make do with rails supported by two wires. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: