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Automobiles If you’re in need of a windshield replacement then this article will definitely help you pick the right windshield replacement .pany to perform the work. The front windshield of your vehicle is important for more than just stopping wind, bugs and road debris from hitting you in the face. It’s also a great safety device during the event of an accident that leads to a rollover. It’s very important for you and your family to keep your vehicle safe so when you’re researching windshield replacement .panies remember there are many levels of windshields to choose from and not all windshields meets the manufacture re.mended safety specifications. The different types of windshield replacement glass include OEM which is also known as original equipment manufacture, factory re.mended replacement glass and aftermarket glass. OEM is the replacement glass that is installed at the plant where your vehicle is built and is installed under perfect environmental conditions. Factory re.mended replacement glass has the same specifications as OEM and is the next best choice to OEM when trying to save money on a windshield replacement. Aftermarket is glass that generally doesn’t meet the re.mended specifications and in my opinion would be the least safest glass to purchase and install on your vehicle. In my experience I’ve found that insurance .panies generally will not pay to have aftermarket glass installed on a vehicle since it doesn’t meet the re.mended safety specifications. So you have damage on your windshield and need to know if the damage warrants a .plete windshield replacement of your front windscreen. Windshield replacement .panies and insurance .panies tend to have different opinions when discussing whether or not you should replace your front windshield if it has a crack. From my experience, windshield replacement .panies generally will suggest that a crack in the front windshield can be repaired as long as the length of the crack is less than the size of a dollar bill whereas most insurance .panies generally re.mend a .plete front windshield replacement if there is any type of damage to the front windshield at all. Contacting your nearest windshield replacement .pany or automobile insurance agent can help you with your decisions when faced with the dilemma of whether or not to replace your front windshield. A list of questions that are generally considered by auto glass .panies when deciding on whether or not to replace your windshield when there’s damage are as follows. Does the crack appear in the direct line of site for the driver? Does the crack run to the outside edge of the glass? Is the damage to the front windshield larger than the size of a dollar bill in length? Is the damage missing any surface glass? Is the damage larger in diameter than a quarter? Most windshield replacement .panies will tell you that you need a .plete replacement for any question above that you answer with a yes. My personal re.mendation would be to have your front windshield replaced if there is any type of noticeable damage so that the safety of your vehicle is restored to it’s re.mended manufacture safety specifications. It’s not hard to find out further information on the different types of windshield replacement glass as well as review a number of great sources containing frequently asked questions pertaining to windshield replacement on the internet today. There are a number of websites that can pull quotes from multiple large databases of professional windshield replacement .panies and supply you with a windshield replacement cost in your city. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: