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UnCategorized To celebrate Columbus day this year try sending your friends, relatives, and work colleagues a free e-card. Free e-cards are quickly talking over the card market, and I am not in any way surprised, because they are totally free. Because of all the different categories and genres that free e-cards come in, there is sure to be something suitable for the occasion, so there is sure to be loads for Columbus day. Free e-cards are so easy to send any one can do it, as long as you no how to work the internet you are good to go, heck even a child could send one. This holiday pays homage to Christopher Columbus, one of the best known explorers to this day. Born in the port city of Genoa, Italy, Columbus was convinced that the world was round, and thus if a ship was directed to the west, it would eventually reach the Indies in the east. At the time, all of eastern Asia, including China, Japan, and India were considered part of the area referred to as the Indies. To prove the idea of a spherical planet, Columbus set out to track down royal sponsorship for an exploratory voyage, finally finding it at the court of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. They outfitted three ships with cloth, glass beads, and other goods for trading and Columbus and his crew navigated the infamous Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria across the Atlantic, landing in the New World on October 12, 1492. This date was officially acknowledged by President Franklin Roosevelt to be Columbus Day in 1937, and as of 1971, the second Monday in October has been set aside as a federal holiday to commemorate it. Though Columbus is no longer credited with the discovery of the Americas, as evidence of earlier voyages made by the Vikings and other explorers has come to light, his arrival in the New World was at least in part responsible for the colonization of the continents and the civilizations that have developed as a result. The first people to commemorate Columbus and his legacy were Italian Americans in cities across the country. In some states, celebrations of Columbus Day have been augmented with commemorations of certain ethnic groups, such as the Native Americans for example, whose lives were no doubt the most affected by the appearance of Columbus and the influx of Spanish settlers that followed. Colorado was the first state to adopt the celebration of Columbus Day in 1905. I personally celebrate almost all holidays possible now by sending free e-cards. Millions of people worldwide do also. They are fast, easy and free, so there is no surprise as to this. Free e-cards are extremely environmentally friendly, not one tree is ever cut down to make them, and no transportation, other than the internet is ever needed to send a free e-card. So to make Columbus day even more memorable, send out a few free e-cards, it is sure to please someone up. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: