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Why not produce tea place has made the "tea industry LV"? – Sohu eat and drink today to talk about a case of explosive tea. Tea is known as the "national drink" in Chinese, "tea and tea culture are derived from Chinese, China is worthy of the name" Tea Ancestor ", but Chinese tea lack of influence and reputation in the world. Chengdu restaurant on more than 10000. All kinds of tea shops is beyond count, but can be a world known almost No. Chinese tea has a name". Many varieties, such as Longjing, oolong and Mao Feng; but the lack of brand, Chinese existing tea factory six or seven, but the total business volume is not as good as the British "Lipton" a. Known brands very rare. Chinese tea culture for thousands of years, did not make tea climate, but two young people who have made it a luxury. In the place where tea is not made into a luxury tea in 2008, Taha in Morocco and the United States Maranda Barnes two young people founded the TWG TEA brand. When they choose to create a business brand, and did not choose their own country, but chose in the agricultural output of less than 0.1% of the national economy, neither the output of tea, no tea culture of singapore. TWG 1873 can be seen on the packaging TEA. 1837 in fact, this is to commemorate the formal start of tea in Singapore, the official year of trade. This is actually a very easy way out, for a start-up brands, many luxury brands or from well-known designers, or have a hundred years of history accumulated. But TWG does not have these characteristics, the customer actually do not want to see the 1837 first thought is the founding year of the brand. Such a move has greatly enhanced the value of this young brand attribution. This determined to do "tea industry LV" brand in such a short time swept the world, how they do it? TWG’s disruptive innovation from the beginning of the Taha was determined to create a "The Finest of the World" (the world’s best tea). In a country where there is no tea culture to do tea business, there is no bound hand and foot tradition, but can be a variety of attempts. In order to realize this idea, the following attempts: TWG 1, to build a super explosive goods — in general is China harmonic tea, a few people drink a pot of tea, but TWG has abandoned the traditional, full respect for individuality and difference, that everyone has their own a pot of tea. Because of this, TWG continues to enrich varieties to create more fresh taste. In addition to single tea shop, there are a lot of tea is the original TWG, one of the founders of the deployment is the origin of perfumes, specialize in various flavors of mutual blending, through the deployment of a mixture of unique flavor produced tea, such as lavender kiss, star tea. The tea is the one and only the manual deployment of the deployment of plant extracts, fruit, flowers, spices and even chocolate and caramel, meet the tastes of modern novel love tea. TWG includes collecting from all over the world almost all "相关的主题文章: