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Will Lippi be the lion that beat the sheep? Napoleon, a Sohu, has a saying that shocked the world, "a lion can defeat a sheep led by a lion."". But he also said, "China is a sleeping lion, once awake, the whole world will tremble." Napoleon said that after the Chinese, the former is particularly like the Chinese football. This is a lot of "Chinese football with God than some of the piece is better, the new piece that Lippi promised to teach Chinese after the team had asked meter Milutinovic, asked if the result is not good to say," when I asked God without can answer questions"…… According to Napoleon, Lippi led the "Chinese football herd" "Lion", he led the team against Iran, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Syria and South Korea by the "wolf" led "pack in the round of rear wheel". Very bad, China team had Pingfu in "sheep" led by Gao Hongbo, scoring only. How to become a real lion, led the team to beat wolves? At least once rate of "Rome lions" won the Serie A, the Champions League and World Cup champion Lippi has pointed out that the Chinese discerningly team problems and hope — China team with "wolves" at about the same level, but only played 40% league level and AFC Champions League beat, only play 30% – 40%. Play the strength of the 80% Chinese team is like? In fact, it is almost two Su Yongshun and Gao Fengwen rate of the Chinese team. More than two wins, Saudi Arabia, home court victory than when the Asian overlord Kuwait, playing football just poor background, as strong as a horse of the New Zealand team, and only the score, "Confucianism handsome" Su Yongshun rate of the detachment final round trip to Kuwait than the loss, can not directly qualify. If not, the New Zealand and Saudi match-fixing or at the time of system is a win, the team had to China Shengping sub region "four" first line. Huang Xiangdong, Gu Guangming, Liu Lifu, Zuo Shusheng, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as…… So, "the veteran soldiers and able captains have one foot into the Spanish" China team, also played the China football history play the most abundant and most pleasing style. A few years later, a few high fon first "China Lions Football history". The rate of a small country in the world cup less strong; rate of National Youth Championship qualifying Asia, than Argentina, Austria, better than a negative negative than Czech, lost the qualifying group; the Olympic qualifying tournament at the end of the war, the Japanese away reversal scored the first time in the history of Olympic games. "Six Asia Game", better than Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates last three minutes ahead, even lost the ball was reversed, than the negative than South Korea, North Korea wins the final round, leading to the minute than Qatar suffered another "black three minutes" lost the ball, only one step to Rome"…… Ruoli skin can "country foot sheep" hit the two China team strong qualifying level, there is a glimmer of hope; if can hit ten before Lun Shengping, Milutinovic conceding just one level, you can to moscow. But the Chinese Milutinovic team played their strength of 90%, or over the level of play, he even almost victory qualify grasp.相关的主题文章: