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Women are not high fertility? Just look at her! Sohu with the full liberalization of maternal two-child policy, whether it is a child or child, a lot of people think, this kind of suit feeling, everywhere now very pregnant belly. Of course, the child is not conceived to be pregnant, it must seize the opportunity. If you want to know their chances of pregnancy is not big, in fact, just look at their underwear will know. Don’t think it’s impossible. Just keep looking. You know why. Women’s pregnancy rate is not high, you know, of course, you have to look at their underwear to determine the chances of pregnancy, not to see you material or other, but above the rest of the underwear secretions. The secretion of female underwear is mainly cervical mucus, cervical mucus produced by the special cells in the cervical canal, with ovulation and menstrual cycle changes, the amount and nature of its secretion also changed. In the 1 menstrual cycle, there will be no easy to conceive, easy to conceive and easy to conceive of the 3 types of cervical mucus. The following specific to understand: the underwear is not easy to conceive secretion period is not easy to conceive during the end of menstruation for 3 days at the beginning of this period, the cervical mucus and less sticky, the vulva was wet but not dry like feeling, the underwear is generally not a mucus. Easy pregnancy period fertile underwear secretion type of cervical mucus in the menstrual cycle in 9-10 days later, with the follicular development in the ovary, estrogen levels, cervical mucus increased gradually, thin, milky white, then the genitals are moist feeling. A few days before ovulation and ovulation underwear secretions, estrogen increases further, cervical mucus containing more water, more clear, such as egg shaped, minimum viscosity, smooth and elastic, with the thumb and index finger to pull into a long silk mucus (up to 10 cm or more), there is a clear sense of the vulva moist the sense of cervical mucus is highly fertile type. It is generally thought that the secretion is clear and transparent, and the egg white is the most beautiful day. The day is 3 days before and after ovulation. After ovulation underwear secretions after ovulation, corpus luteum formation and produce progesterone, thereby inhibiting uterine cells to secrete mucus, cervical mucus and so less viscous, become a difficult pregnancy type cervical mucus liquid, until the next menstrual cramps. These changes will occur in the next menstrual cycle. Methods: see underwear underwear secretions to judge whether to use secretions of pregnant, after getting up, before taking a bath or urine before the opportunity can be taken from the vagina mucus examination with fingers, fingers from the mouth of the vagina were observed, and the appearance of the sticky degree of finger drawing reaction etc. (hand wash!). So after more than 3 menstrual cycle observation, you can grasp the rules of the cervical cutting fluid secretion and ovulation. Once the vulva has moist feeling sticky mucus and a thinning trend, drawing tens of centimeters of mucus can and should be considered in the gestation period (female ovulation). Of course, in addition to fertility, through the underwear secretions we can also judge whether their health, women have to understand..相关的主题文章: