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"World of Warcraft" game, the world’s most successful game, in this game ,especially in the new film "Panda mystery" , many Chinese elements and more Chinese style have been fully embodied. You could buy World of Warcraft accounts and cheapest World of Warcraft gold to experience. In this year’s BlizzCon Blizzard announced the "World of Warcraft" new piece of information "Mists of Pandaria", its rich Chinese elements give global players a surprise, Panda, full of Chinese style new areas, let such a game seems more in line with the tastes of the Chinese players. In fact, "World of Warcraft" game had already some things with Chinese elements appear below as we count down "World of Warcraft" Chinese element performance. Chinese New Year Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, but also the "World of Warcraft" in the festival events during the annual February 5 – February 24 opening. Spring Festival in Azeroth, you can set off firecrackers, eating dumplings, visit on elders in New Year, received festive red envelope, but also in the streets covered with red lanterns play, watch the beautiful New Year’s fireworks show, Chinese WoW money and even and partners together to .bat and defeat the beast which want to harm the world. The new Panda race World of Warcraft first neutral race Panda came. As China’s national treasure panda, which has appeared in a number of film and television works and games, this time, Panda appears as a new race, which shows the importance attached to its Blizzard. McMurdo Han said in his previous visit to China’s Internet cafes in China found a lot of players are playing "Warcraft 3" Pandaren Brewmaster were the most favorite hero. Then Blizzard just want people to join Panda "World of Warcraft" game. Chinese characters In the new piece of information "Panda mystery" and the emergence of a mysterious text, you can obviously see that it is written with a brush that, but it is not the Chinese text. In fact, this point can be understood, in the "World of Warcraft" did not appear in the real world there is real text, Azeroth is a virtual world, and even the orthodox English did not appear, how would use the real Chinese ancient writing it. In addition, there is a very important point, that is, what the Blizzard used in panda text is hieroglyphics, which in itself is very telling. Because all of the earth appeared hieroglyphics, up to now only Chinese characters handed down and still in use. Chinese kung fu Panda knows kung fu , who can resist! In the "Panda mystery" appears in a new energy "gas." Westerners biggest barrier to understanding Chinese martial art in the "force", "strength" of this mysterious stuff on. Yet Westerners do not understand these subtleties, often with magic "magic" to replace the brutal force, after Jade Empire began to focus on this unique and centralized system of systems is explored. Among a step further in the Panda, Blizzard designed specifically for Panda Monks new type of energy "Chi" – Yes, that is the "gas" in training muscles skin, internal training breath, Pandaren Monk from can the eight children of the "mention gas", "Operate gas" Chinese Archtecture The design of the pandamen’s homeland in "Mists of Pandaria" is .pletely imitates ancient Chinese archtecture, carved beams and painted pillarscarved railings and jade inlaysbeautiful mansions, this is Chinese archtecture. Mounting pets GWOW once launched a rare pet- Shenlong. In addition, there is such a pet with general appearance but great background- Ben Boer hegemony, still remember the in "Journey to the West"? Yes, that’s the guy. Chinese History Pandamen were once governed by cruel and martial Mogu clan. Mogu was a race of ancient times race. They had the secret Mogu mountain palace like the Ulduar, and seemingly countless ties with Titans. However, they governed the Pandamen with iron hand, even taken over all their weapons. There has been the tradition of banning private weapon in Chinese history, and this tradition was in its summit in the first Emperor and Yuan Dynasty. The history proves that those dynasties are most often the short-lived. Pandamen established their own Panda Country under the leadership of Magebane, and escaped the bondage from Mogu by original empty-handed martial art. They modified the great wall of Mogu to be their own shield against Mantis men. Is this the Chinese history of Panda version? Chinese Myth Pandalia is tinged with the strong atmosphere of mysticism and Orient martial arts. Strong fog flows around the mountains, waterfalls, ponds, caves and giant pagoda. It is more surprising that the whole Panda Leah continent are built on the back of a giant turtle. In ancient China, there are many myths and legends of the turtle carrying mountains. In addition, China’s four sacred animal appeared in Mists of Pandaria, but there is no Tortoise, perhaps it is carrying Panda Leah continent. 相关的主题文章: