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Wuerzburg, Germany Wine slow old time? Don’t think only German beer, is a good way in Wine origin, especially in the white Wine more famous. In Wuerzburg, people usually went straight to the old bridge, the river, Castle, medieval buildings, the old city all illusions. Standing on the bridge, you will find that the whole city of Wuerzburg is surrounded by vineyards, under the fortress Marienberg castle is grape forest. I do not know how many? Main river flowing years, gave birth to the beauty of Wuerzburg, built in fifteenth Century, the old bridge witnessed all this. The old bridge on the statue are closely linked with Wuerzburg, especially the three statue near the old town, is the founder of the city. ?? In the old bridge over a glass of Dragon Seal Riesling, or just a cup of white Wine, has become a kind of fashion. Regardless of color, regardless of age, was a good Wine people together. ?? Usually, with the main Valley breeze, the old bridge on the reception from the early evening drink, until sunset, people are still reluctant to disperse. ?? Burgerspital is Wuerzburg’s three largest Wine taking the oldest one, has a history of 700 years, every day there are admiring white wine lovers, wine tasting, product time. Into the wine cellar?, even in the summer noon, too cold. Here is a collection of many bottles and I was like wine, more white Wine is many, the label of the mottled is ring mark. Wine tasting, food, luxury accommodation, can be in the old city of Wuerzburg Burgerspital winery to get a good experience. ??? was brilliant white Wine let me never forget the good beer, look for a beer garden, a free end. Wirtshaus L? MMLE shade just good, sunshade give people more safe feeling, here is Wuerzburg’s oldest and most traditional beer Square, just a few steps away from the church, with delicious wine can meet again but picky stomach. The weather in August is just fine, no heat in the shade of the tree, first come on a large cup of fresh wine, and then slowly syria. In the past, Wuerzburg had suffered a great deal in World War II, perhaps it was God’s will, and most of the house of the Bishop had survived, especially the vault without pillars. ?? Go below grand dome mural, seems to be a dialogue with God for. The contents of the murals involve a wide range of stories have been found in europe. And between God and the gods, the painter painted himself with the designer of the Bishop’s palace in Wuerzburg, which seemed to be an unwritten rule of that time. And this giant dome is just a place to wait. Enter the palace, the Rococo and Baroque style pavilions, dizzying, dazzling. The pure handmade Rococo decoration, not to spend how many craftsmen of the day and night. All over the room? Mirror gold, as if to meet Goldfinger, accidentally own has become gold. A long history of the city of bishop, the magnificent palace of the bishop of the world cultural heritage. The Bishop’s palace in Wuerzburg also has a beautiful garden with fountains, waterfalls, and sculptures.相关的主题文章: