Wuhan many well-known restaurants on the black list of red bean Ding tableware disinfection standard iptd-651


Wuhan many well-known restaurants on the black list of red bean Ding tableware disinfection does not meet the newspaper news (reporter Jin Qian) yesterday, Wuhan food and Drug Administration announced the September food service unit of tableware and food inspection report shows that more than 90% of unqualified tableware in catering units to sterilize tableware, which are red Ding doulao Jian Puzhai, and other well-known restaurants. The old village private dish, Ming Biao beef noodle shop and other units of pickles and other vegetable products unqualified, on the black list. The sampling tableware disposable tableware, including food service units to sterilize the tableware, the tableware centralized tableware disinfection unit production of the 3 categories, a total of 2028 batches, 49 batches of substandard samples. One of the 1 batches of substandard disposable tableware, disinfection of their own food and beverage with substandard batches of 46, set tableware unqualified batches of 2. From the test results can be seen, almost all of the food and beverage are unqualified reasons for excessive coliform, food and beverage units do not meet the disinfection standards. Including the list of unqualified, Wuhan Cambodia Catering Management Limited 27 stores, Wuhan red bean Ding Limited by Share Ltd Hongkong Road branch, Wuhan City, San Lotto catering Co. Ltd. and Wuhan city Dongxihu meal seeking World evergreen garden shop and many other well-known catering enterprises. This is the vegetable products, meat products, edible agricultural products, aquatic products and other 15 categories of food sampling, food additives were found to exceed the standard, namely: Wuhan old village catering Co. Ltd. Optics Valley private branch store garlic, pickled appetizer Wangde Yong Hua Lou Baozipu Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone and five Ren sauce D. At the same time, East Lake eco tourism scenic area of the Ming Biao beef noodle and salty radish pickles, sauerkraut and Zhang Liusheng snack bar was also found problems. The food and drug administration has asked the food and drug supervision and management departments, according to the law on suspicion of providing substandard homemade products catering units for investigation, to provide substandard products of food production and business units tracing. Currently, the relevant food and drug supervision and management departments in accordance with the procedures, according to the relevant units for investigation.相关的主题文章: