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Suiyueliuhen, a can let time slow down the ancient town tourism – a Sohu can make time to slow down the ancient town if you love Town, must not miss an ancient town, walking in the streets of Hoi, time seems to stay at the beginning of last century, the simplicity of the air and breath let the rest of the slow life will make you had to stop the footsteps, to stay for a few days. Take the recent Star Cruises Virgo to Vietnam will Ann made a slow miaozhilv November, Virgo set sail in Shenzhen, also with his family to the slow travel. In the year fifth Century, in the kingdom of Champa, it was once a port known as the great Haikou". By sixteenth Century, it had evolved into one of the most important trade exchanges in Southeast asia. In eighteenth Century, the Vietnamese kings long and fierce power struggle, restrict development, an almost abandoned, in the end, this natural port finally silted up. In 1880s, the United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization carried out a large-scale renovation to the port of. Because the ancient trade exchanges because of Chinese, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and even the merchant frequented Hoi An, in Chinese and Japanese business security a lot, so the government allowed the establishment of Chinese and Japanese living in the streets here alone. Although there are local authorities to manage, but the Chinese and Japanese can be in accordance with their respective national customs and habits. But from a historical point of view, a lot of people will decline after entering the modern civilization. Like Macao, is on the edge of Da Nang replaced deeper draft. I have been thinking about a paradox, most of the ports of the era of sailing will be plagued by silting port, is the location of the common, or what, basically in the course of the ship’s decline in the era of change. Well, the bustling Anne will quickly fall into a coastal town. But it also generally preserved and blessing in disguise. Anne will not, the main street of the city with the "five vertical and three horizontal" four words can be summarized. Because I don’t have much time, plus lunch time, probably only in Hoi An street walking fast for three hours, but also to understand the basic Anne will probably be: Ann was a Chinese city, according to Chinese from different provinces are divided into five areas, respectively, Fujian District, Guangdong District, Chaozhou District, Hainan district and Hakka area. There is a China traditional architecture and culture, ancient architecture, the color yellow Yuanyang tile, founder of the courtyard, the color of the wood fence, with a river, an old port, do not have a taste, to decorate the town was gorgeous, both deja vu, again clear just started. Here the Chinese style buildings and Japanese style buildings, preserved intact, neither the destruction of the war, nor because of the construction of high-rise buildings and demolition. Today, a lot of ancient buildings and ancient streets will be preserved in good condition, which embodies the organic combination of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese culture and architectural style. The layout of the streets, the style of the building, not only to show the simplicity and elegance of Chinese architecture, but also into the natural beauty of the local people and the taste of life. Tourists here can enjoy the ancient cultural tradition, but also feel the rich相关的主题文章: