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Your male god is a father! Fukuyama Masaharu wife announced the pregnancy Japan male god Fukuyama Masaharu with "detective Galileo" "under one roof" as the Asian woman captured the hearts of thousands, even if married women in Japan is still regarded as the most wanted to marry a man. God Mrs. Kazue Fukiishi has been in the official website officially announced the pregnancy news, it seems to be chief cabinet secretary Kan Yi Wei smiling, he in the men of God when he had the birth of flash marriage speech, mothers canmimic male god couple hope Japan, many more children contribute to the country! Kazue Fukiishi said that now has a new small life and into the stable period, along with the daily surprise, she was full of expectations and joy of the birth of the child. She will always pay attention to physical condition, until the baby was born on the day of peace. And Fukuyama Masaharu’s latest movie "SCOOP" will be released in Japan in October 1st. Fukuyama Masaharu in the entertainment circle is a hardcore yellow Satin hand, interested in children’s shoes such as "if I can be selected as’ first want to sleep with him man ‘check in online, the street has never come to say women sleep with me, it was selected too boring." "I tried to DIY in the air, but not too strong, so it can not reach the climax state." "Ride a horse and the family had to mount Aso, the…… The following good pain…… Small blessing good pain." Completely inconsistent with the image of Professor Duan yukawa.相关的主题文章: