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Ze Ping macro real estate tax reform is not the purpose of short-term real estate tax introduced dataload


Ze Ping macro: real estate tax reform is not the purpose of the property tax will be introduced in the short term real estate tax?   from the research history and the international perspective that — the real estate cycle of ten real estate chief Xia Lei, chief economist Ren Zeping, we predict "5000 is not a dream" in 2014, 2015 forecast line prices doubled, was named the top ten commercial classic prediction, validated in 2016. In the past year, the author of the institutional clients roadshow and public speeches in many of the key recommendations of the allocation of real estate, I believe friends remember. There is no doubt that the house is over the past year performance categories of assets are the best, this is from the macro level taishiyanpan to seize the historic opportunity. We will always uphold the pursuit of value creation of occupation, unshaken. We have introduced the ten phase of the "real estate cycle research" series, show the basic rules of the real estate development cycle, from different angles, land finance, monetary policy, real estate tax, population, international comparison panorama. The community hot real estate and some of the unable to agree on which is right, point less than the rest, some opinions and improper lack of compact logic, some with subjective intention instead of objective trend. Although the success of the decision and for investors to seize this wave of real estate market, but the author is still a large number of basic issues to be excavated clear: what factors determine the price trend? Why this round of skyrocketing prices? China’s real estate in the future where to go? Please look forward to the heavy report of China’s real estate where to go? "," months of carving, love and dedication. Review: July 23rd, finance minister Lou Jiwei in the G20 tax high level seminar said, should actively promote the reform of the property tax, subject to the information collection ability and interest adjustment obstacles, there is no formal launch, but will still hesitate to do. The market is expected to rise on the property tax. Is it the right time to launch a property tax? Property tax can effectively curb prices? Abstract: 1, the purpose of the reform of real estate tax is not property tax. China’s real estate tax system has 10 main categories of taxes, distributed in the development and construction, trading and maintenance. The structure of the real estate tax burden is characterized by "increasing the quantity of the stock, the heavy construction of the transaction and the maintenance of the property". The real estate tax reform is the tax adjustment, if the residents of housing property tax levy, it should be a corresponding reduction in the tax aspects of the transaction; degenerate tax, optimize tax structure, create conditions for the land transfer income for the real estate tax substitution. 2, personal housing property tax is difficult to launch in the short term. There are four main reasons: (1) the 6 prerequisites are not available, including the development of the national housing census, the establishment of a unified national real estate registration system, a unified definition of the nature of housing. 2) the short term is difficult to replace land finance: due to the accumulated higher taxes exemption set, low set, a lot of real estate ownership, and it is difficult to calculate the real urbanization rate low, even the introduction of individual housing property tax, the short term is difficult to replace the land revenue. 3) whether from abroad or in Chongqing, Shanghai pilot, real estate tax is not an effective means of stabilizing prices. 4) does not help to reduce prices相关的主题文章: