Zhenjiang men’s professional pengci multi acting wrong finally exposed-ca1835


Zhenjiang men’s professional pengci many acting wrong days before finally exposed in Zhenjiang Danyang highway 241 and Danfu line intersection occurred in electric cars and car collision accidents. Police immediately rushed to the scene. However, in the case of both parties, it seems that the injured side of the electric car owners attracted the attention of the police. When the police arrived on the scene, he sat in the middle of the main electric double yellow line, by the scene, the police found a greeting is a slight trauma. Zhenjiang Danyang Traffic Police Brigade Xu Jianbiao: he himself a person on the ground with smoke, over time a police police in the US, according to our understanding of the police, he smoked five cigarettes on the ground. Soon 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the scene, and will be sent to a hospital. According to the procedures in handling the police immediately and obtain the intersection monitoring, more and more police think the small accident is not on the surface looks so simple. Zhenjiang Danyang Traffic Police Brigade Xu Jianbiao: at that time, the electric car driver to drive in front of the car brake, want the car rear end collision, but the car brake stopped, he will continue to hit the right direction, when the car is flush, he hit the direction to the left, and when the car almost to a car, deliberately above on, deliberately triggered a a traffic accident. After asked again, he finally confessed the truth to pengci. The police records by police investigation found that since the beginning of this year to celebrate a traffic accident on four, and the four accidents are actually pengci, this was seized is completely wrong acting. He: I would like to touch a little general, looking for some kind of private, and do not have to play the kind of 110, the police to solve. Zhenjiang Danyang Traffic Police Brigade police told Xu Jianbiao: we need some luck criminals do not have luck on the one hand, pengci behavior is illegal, another of their life and property has great harm.相关的主题文章: