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Zhuzhou three girls too old to use the phone to grab the phone to grab a female student phone (video mmhouse


Zhuzhou three girls suspected of old mobile phone is not good to use the streets to grab the original title of the original mobile phone female students: want to change the phone, the three girls actually do this thing! There is a saying "ignorance is fearless", used to describe the girl Tan Moumou and her two companions is no longer appropriate. Because the mobile phone is not good old despise their own use, they are together to rob their mobile phone, the result can only be caught. In September 9th, Zhuzhou Hawthorn police received four female students report, said they were in the vicinity of Hetang District Yucai Road and workers University, was the name by the mobile phone robbed two mobile phone. Victims of female students to reflect, the crime is the three young girls, young, which makes the police very surprised, "we suspect that the three suspects are likely to read the book in the two schools, and one of the victims of female students also reflect, she seems to be in the school saw one of the suspects, the lotus pond the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police Chen Chaobiao introduced them according to the clues in the two schools around to carry out the investigation, soon found the three suspects. In September 13th, the police will be the three suspects were all arrested for robbing their mobile phone female student confessed to the crime. It is understood that the three suspects were named Tan Moumou, Tam, Hwang, although they are not old, but have dropped out of school. Tan Moumou is the principal, of the three, she said, your mobile phone is not good, the home did not give her money for a new mobile phone, so she went to a friend Tanmou, Huang Moumou put forward the idea of female students to grab the mobile phone. "We chose those alone, playing mobile phone, the female students look timid and overcautious". Three people confessed that they robbed a total of four female students in the mobile phone, one of them because of poor style, returned to the victim; the other was the victim in the name of the phone to grab back. Currently, the three girls have been taken coercive measures by the public security organs, the case is still further processed. (source: Zhuzhou legal channel livelihood) recommended Video: girl off the street to grab the mobile phone, but nothing good bestie相关的主题文章: