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Zigong bus driver did not grab the yellow light passenger dissatisfaction umbrella beat (Figure) monitoring screenshot at 6:20 on the morning of September 20th, Zigong (micro-blog) Yu Jiang 18 bus drivers, driving through the intersection of a traffic light, because the light showing also the remaining two seconds, for security reasons, he chose to wait for parking. Do not want, Jiang Yu normal driving behavior attracted a male passenger dissatisfaction. The passenger cab to find Jiang Yu after a back seat theory; then came up with an umbrella to carry on, is driving the bus Jiangyu a mess, causing his head and hand injuries. In order to ensure traffic safety, the safety car pull over jiangyu. I was driving in front of the vehicle and more, need to ensure the safety of driving, there is no way to hide, only with him." Jiang Yu told reporters that the car finally stopped at the liberation overpass, at this time, his forehead was injured by the umbrella handle a lot of blood flow. Man was hit by another older passenger advised to return to the seat. Forced, Jiang Yu call 110 for help. Subsequently, the police and bus company personnel rushed to the scene, Jiang Yu was sent to hospital for treatment, there is no harm; man was brought back to the police investigation. 22 afternoon, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter learned from the local police, hit the man’s family has apologized to Jiang Yu and compensation costs. It was confirmed that the man suffering from mental illness, has been taken care of by the family home. Chengdu Daily reporter Yuan Wei, Li editor editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading Shaanxi Xi’an: 58 year old did not answer a passer-by for directions cleaners were beaten up相关的主题文章: