Zombie Highway – Kill The Entire Zombie With Your Car In This Fun Games For Android-w-inds.


Mobile-Cell-Phone One thing about zombie is that you can easily kill them with one shot, either in the movie or video game those dead walkers surely need more than a blast to get gilled. If you search trough the market you can see quite a lot zombie title out there, heck you can even find zombie soccer or zombie make up if you look carefully. The usual zombie games is mostly a first person shooter, endless running or even tower defense games like Plant VS Zombies, however on Android platform and other mobile console you can find one more genre, yes a car games where you need to hit all the zombie on the road. One of them is Zombie highway by Auxbrain.Inc, lets see what this game has to offer below Gameplay There is not much story being told in this game, because at the first you play it you will only see car selection and start button, you need to figure out yourself how to shoot and control your car. However if you look to the environment and situation you can tell that we are on Zombie apocalypse mode right now. The goal is simple you need to drive and survive as long as you can with your car before the zombie get you, these zombie is scattered around the road and when you pass them they will somehow freaking jump into your car and try to flip it. The easy way to deal with this is that you need to make them hit the abandon car on the road with your control so they will fall and die for sure. Its need a little bit skill and timing to get your car nearly hit another car while your purpose is to kill the zombie. Some zombie will have more health and power and also they can easily make you lose control of your car when they shaking the vehicle. As you progresses more weapon and car will be unlocked depend on some objective you can .plete. Sometime you need to kill several zombies and sometime you need to survive for certain miles. There are quite plenty of weapon you can choose however you need to use it wisely since there are no ammo available when you run out of bullet. The graphic is well quite good, low poly 3D graphic with smooth animation. This game offer plenty of funs and content to unlocked, some weapon need to be purchased trough in game store. If you want to play this game you can head over to Google play and download it for free. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: